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Jardin Botanico de Caguas

Working hours Thursday to Sunday from 10am -4pm

Type: criollo

Address: Jardin Botanico de Caguas next to the Jibaro House

Kids: yes

Parking: yes

Price: Entrance fee $7 Adults, Kids $4, Seniors $3 plus food $5-15, boats $3.

Food: fried finger food, ice cones, homemade candy and all food made in a wood stove “al fogon” brings you back to those old days or at least to your grandma’s cooking. rice and bean with bistec, sancocho (which is kind of a stew), and drinks made with real fruit. everything is fresh.

Service: food made with love old school style takes time, a concept that not many of us of this fast paced world do not know, so have patience, its worth the wait and the good memories.

Comment: enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden left for the people to enjoy by our great honorable Willie Miranda Marin, former mayor of the city of Caguas, over 100 acres of garden they are planning to expand to make a camping can enjoy the tour by walking or paying for a golf car to take you around. when you finish walking around eat some good food.

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