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Habichuela Guisa criolloAddress: next to famous davesparking: valet parkingprice: $30 avekids: yesservice: they have a bar on the outside and tables on the inside. the inside is more for private parties and regular customers, outside is more for kareoke night and janguing out. it gets full fast, so i suggest making reservations or arriving early. you can also reserve areas of the restaurant for parties. they are really nice and super considerate towards people with food allergies. I told the waiter my allergy situation and he quickly understood because he has allergies too, he quickly recommended some plates that could be easily modified or served as is for the food is excellent, well seasoned and made. me and my boyfriend tried the canasta (fried plantain in the shape of a basket) with shrimp and beefsteak with rice. It is a huge portion of food, so i suggest that you share a plate or take a bag to go. other plates to try are the mofongo, malposteao, carne guisa, bbq ribs, pinonos, and the beans of course.

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