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How to survive this Halloween with all that candy?

Caution: always read labels before eating and always have glutenese and lacto probiotics at hand just in case you ingest something you’re not sure it has lactose or gluten

  1. Skittles

  2. Starburst

  3. Gummy bears: welch, starburst, life saver and haribo

  4. Lollypops

  5. Chocolate (careful some may contain milk) just to be safe vegan chocolate is the best

  6. Gummy worms

  7. Mints

  8. Gum

  9. Tootsie rolls

  10. Jelly beans

  11. Jolly ranchers

  12. Sour patch

  13. Raisenets

  14. Pop rocks

  15. Fun dip

  16. Marshmallows

  17. Merengue

  18. Some wonka candy

  19. Candied fruit

  20. Lemonhead

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