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I will no longer be sharing Info on groupons in this blog

DACO intervendrá con las ofertas de ‘cupones’ | El Vocero de Puerto Rico.i will no longer be posting groupons on my blog due to the problems that have been turning up with the companies that sell these things. there has been many fraudulent events were people buy the groupon and the offer is not completed as promised, the company doesn’t exist, the place doesn’t even know they had an offer, etc.please if you’re buying a groupon call the company and make sure they know that when you mention that you’re interested in the groupon they know what you’re talking about, ask for due dates, make reservations if possible and make sure of the quantities available of the item/that its not for a limited quantity/for the 1st ten people that arrive. in other words make sure that when you get there you’re offer is completed as advertised.

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