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Il Carreto

Type: Slow food organic pizza

Address: in front of Libreria Tertulia next to Libreria Magica

Kids: college kids because they put art exhibitions on the walls and sometimes these far from PG but when they dont have anything you can bring them.

Parking: none

Price: less than $30

Service: calm and relax, its the kid of place to forget about all you troubles. It is a small place and they mainly have a vegetarian/vegan menu, they do have some meat items but its not much. They are kind of spaced out most of the time so try to be attentive to the status of your food.

Food: a thin super crispy pizza crust that is made with organic ingredients, light to the stomach and diet. they are really good. of course they have other things than pizza but this is the best thing they do.

Comments: come with a some time on your hand since the pizza’s are made from scratch they do tend to take some time, hence the whole point to the slow food movement thing. this place gets full fast since its small but the best place to be is in the outside tables catching some air. When I eventually remember the restaurants name I’ll update.

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