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Jangueando en el wiken 1st anniversary

Janguando en el Wiken is a blog about weekend activities in Puerto Rico. It covers food festivals, concerts, sports, theater, nature, and culture. The creator is a lawyer called Luig Pabon Roca, he has his private practice and a radio show during the morning with one of my law school professors Carlos Diaz Olivo about political analysis. He also appears on TV to talk about weekend events and political stuff. He is a really friendly and cool person. He made this food festival to celebrate his first anniversary of his food blog and i went to the event and had a great time. The Festival was held at Jardin Botanico of Caguas and it had artisans, with soaps, jewelry, honey products, lamps, lemonade, Criollo food and music. Mom and I tried some chicken wings with fries and they were really good with a guayaba bbq sauce. We also tried a sampler of morcilla, plaintains, and cuajito (pig stomach). We had a great time seen the garden, I noticed they added a few things like boats to ride on the lake and horses.The other place to eat had rice, beans and chicken, arepas, bacalaitos, cono pizzas and refreshing drinksI wish Luis success in his blog and that he continues to support the local economy with these types of activities!

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