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Kamoli Kafe and Botik (Juice Bar, Food, Fashion)

Kamoli Sal PRType: International/FusionAddress: 1706 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911Parking: very limited and no valet parking. there is an abandoned building next to it and you can park there or in the street near by.Price: $10-60 (depending if you order alcohol)Kids: yesFood: they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. They have an interesting fusion of foods from indian, criollo, american, international, etc. My boyfriend and I tried the curry and churrasco pot (rice, beans, sweet plantains and skirt stake). the curry is has spice but its torelable and really delicious with fresh veggies and rice. Don’t be fooled by the description of the churrasco pot in the menu, it can seem sweet but it was perfectly sweet and you can change the regular rice for jasmine rice (do it you wont regret it). Also try the natural juices, freshly squeezed and mixed and super refreshing. There are also gluten free pizzas, the menu is generally gluten free or can be easily made gluten free. the alcohol is expensive, the food is cheaper than the alcohol, but its totally worth a try, specially the mimosa.Service: the place is small but relax, and has a second floor with a clothing boutique. the first floor is the restaurant and a small shop with local products. The restaurant has a pretty mix and match style with lots of color and antique furniture. the waiters are super nice, know the menu from top to bottom, make sure that your experience is great, they are very considerate to food allergies, and are super fast. I would have to return to do some shopping and try other things but the experience was great overall.

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