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L’osteria ItalianAddress: 176 Calle Delbrey Santurce, PR Parking: valet parking available Price: $30-50 per person, if you order wine its more per personKids: yesFood: fresh, modern, tasty, and authentic Italian food made by Chef Cristian Crostelli . the menu changes every day depending on what they find, so the food will always be fresh. I went here before my food allergies and tried the Gnocchi and Tiramisu. I also went here some weeks ago and tried the lamb chops and i had pears for dessert.  They have gluten and lactose free pasta, I tried it of course and it was wonderful. Service: very unique and personal attention, the waiter is there to serve the bread and water, the rest of the service will be done by the chef himself. They are super considerate with gluten and lactose allergies, since the chef has a kid with them. They even gave us free homemade bread, which sadly i couldn’t eat but my parents told me it was fluffy, delicious, light and wonderful. Thank you for the bread!Comment: come early if you want parking, i suggest you make reservations because the place is small.To the Chef: Cristian Crostelli contacted me to make a restaurant review and i fulfilled his wishes. Thank you for contacting me! It make me feel so happy to know people are reading my blog and want to contribute.

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