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La bodeguita de manolo

Type: Tapas and Finger foodAddress: At Cidrines backery located near San Francisco train station in front of AMA(autoridad metropolitana de autobuses/ the central office of the transportation system). enter backery and look for door that says Manolo’s Bodega (la bodeguita de manolo) huge wooden door.Price: less than $30 per person if you have wine may be moreService: they treat like if they have known you for ever, super excellent service, they know what to recomend and are considerate of allergiesFood: there alternate ways of eating tapas that do not require bread if your asking if i was able to eat peacefully, the way is with tostones, or the meat alone which is really good and tender. try the papa’s bravas (spicy potatos) you will be hooked eating them. and for the first time in a long time i was able to eat dessert because the had  sorbet of different flavors (lemon, mango and frambuesa) and my reaction to this news was:

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