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La jamberguera

Type: Burger place

Parking: not really, you have to invade the bank’s parking

Kids: mainly a place for drinking age people (which is 18 in Puerto Rico).

Price: less then $30

Food: they have 3 kinds of burgers, all delicious and big. they have 3 really weird cupcakes, but the best part is the sangria (coming from someone who doesn’t like alcohol in drinks) you should try it. they are really good and you can taste the natural fruit flavors. the smoked pig nuggets for snaking are spectacular too.

Service: you have to go to the bar and order everything there, you will be called when ready. except nothing fancy, this place is for pushing fancy away for a while and be laid back and relax.

Comments: come early when the bank closes so you can get a good parking space, sometimes there will be people washing cars for school or sports fundraisers so you can seize this opportunity if you want to.

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