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La piccola fontana (fajardo)

http://www.lapiccolafontana.comType: authentic ItalianLocation: Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, second floor. near the birds.Parking: yes.Kids: hell yes, there’s like a super awesome pool and an island with different water toys to play with hello take your kids obviouslyPrice: more than $30 per person. its in a hotel what do you expect.Food: the risotto is rich and creamy, i start to drool just thinking about it. the fresh fish, literary fresh. the gnocchi, the meat, everything is delicious. its one of those things that you’ll say one of everything on the menu please.Service: treated and pampered like royalty. waiters are a good talk too, you see the thing is that my family we like to establish a relationship with the chef and the waiters , the trick is here get to know them and go here often they’ll know what to order for you the minute they see you. and the benefit is 5  star never fail to be good service, sometimes we even get free deserts which is good for me. well this happens here at this restaurant, which is totally cool.Comment: make reservations, really seriously because it gets full. and they get that your not going to have fancy smanchy clothes just come dressed nicely.

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