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La Potoroca

My mom and I decided to take a break from work so decided to go south. Ponce during the day is a quiet town but there's still things to do. You can go to the mall, stroll the plaza where there restaurants, shops and hotels. We went to the fox hotel to take pictures, walked around to see the wall art and ate at Potoroca.

Potoroca in Puerto Rican slang is a fictional place where you send people. However, here its a real place where they serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch. We decided to try the cauliflower pizza with churrasco and mofongo with some sangria. It was really good, well seasoned and I was really happy to find gluten free and lactose free pizza. The pizza was not burnt nor overcooked with is really hard to do with cauliflower and the churrasco had a lot of flavor.

The Potoroca and all hotels follow COVID protocols so please wear a mask and keep distance. If you want to stay for the night life, I suggest you stay in the Fox hotel with its Andy Warhol vibes or the Aloft because the trip to San Juan can be long.

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