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La Preña Arepas Rellenas criollo and arepasAddress: intermetro, hato rey, near centro judicial san juan in piñero train stationKids: yesparking: limitedprice: $10 or lessFood: they have criollo food available like mofongo, rice, beans, chicken,Service: I went to the one that is near the centro judicial (court, police, and other governmental offices). Its a bit slow specially for plated meals but its because everything is done fresh at the moment and they have alot of other orders coming at the same time. They cater and do delivery alot. they started out as a food truck and now they have become a franchise. They do provide tables for those who want to eat sitting down, but its usually order to go place.Food: The food was well cooked and seasoned. I tried Chicken and fried plantain. I didn’t try their famous arepas because I don’t know if their recipe is gluten and lactose free. I do know that arepas are traditionally made out of corn flour and they do not use milk but that varies from place to place. When i have more time ill ask, when I went here I was in a hurry to go to the Judicial Offices to get some papers for clients in my clinic. Some people have told me to try the arepa with skirt stake, rice and beans, rosted pork and cheese, pork and beans, octopus and mofongo. They also have frappes and natural juices.Video about the place: a vegan and gluten free recipe here:

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