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Rating: Innovative International Food

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Type: criollo-international

Price: $60 per person

Kids: your older kids

Parking: only valet available

Location: it’s a church painted black with a heart outside in Santurce


The waiter did a good job of attending my needs to modify the dishes ordered. She talked to the chef in order to make the risotto which is a special dish that is not served often at the restaurant.

However, she did not know much about gluten because she assumed that rice had gluten. She is not the first person I encountered that assumes this so, I just explained that rice is fine.

Later, she found out they use sticky rice that is called glutinous rice (which is kind of an oxymoron really).


The restaurant specializes in international food.

Before ordering the food the waitress shows you the cuts of meat available. Which is pretty useful to make a decision.

We ordered a vegan risotto that had shrimp and lobster and a side veal chops.

The vegan risotto uses potato instead of cheese to make it creamy. The vegan dish doesn’t come with shrimp nor lobster of course but we decided to add it.

The lobster and shrimp were fresh, perfectly seasoned and cooked.

The veal chops with the chimichurri and sauce were great. However for their price, they are a small portion.

The portions of the food served are good for one person. If two people don’t have much appetite, ordering two plates and sharing is fine.

A church church The only thing that I found was that the food was served a bit cold. Maybe it was the fact that it’s just been minutes from opening.


The location is actually two restaurants: Latidos (the church) and Soda Estudio (heaven).

Interestingly, the building was a church that was abandoned and then restored to a restaurant. It is laid out as the following:

First floor: The Earth

Second floor: Heaven (now it’s Soda Estudio)

Kitchen: Hell

Bar: Purgatory

Stage: The Altar

Ambiance is relax and the decor is really unique with colorful walls and paintings. They decorative have a wall filled with candles as you would find in a church for your prayers and one with locks for your love.

They have comedy nights drag brunches, music, and other fun events during the week. Also, they have an excellent bartender and mixologist that has created unique and original drinks.

I really had a great time celebrating that I passed the bar.

I would like to return to visit Soda Estudio and to go to the drag brunches or comedy nights.


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