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Lote 23

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”lote 23″]I was invited to Tito’s Vodka Matinee at Lote 23. Lote 23 is an outdoor food market in Santurce with a lot of variety and entertainment created by local entrepreneurs looking to create something different and innovative. Located at AVE Ponce de Leon, it an open space with murals in between buildings. The place has a parking at the back, in the main street turn left, continue to the end, turn left and you’ll see it, and you’ll have to pay $5. You can also park at the street. Lote 23 has tables, umbrellas, clean bathroom, a really cool ambiance to hangout and safe (at least the day I went, there were 5-6 guards).During the night they have entertainment, mainly local bands or performance artists. The murals painted around the place where made by local artists. It brings me joy and make me proud to see the variety of local talent that has Lote 23. The place get very full around 4-6pm and at night when the entertainment begins. The place is great to grab a bite and go to the theater, buy a book to the next door bookstore, go to the Museo de Arte, etc.All the kiosks here are local restaurants or are owned by locals. The prices of the food range from $5-20 and they are small/medium portions. I don’t mind the small portions since I have a big appetite it gives me the chance to try everything. The food is made to order, home made, high-quality (made with love, passion and dedication), with local fresh products and they are all very delicious. I tried the Popsicle’s, vegan tacos, rice with spare ribs, coffee, some Tito’s vodka drinks at the bar, and burgers. They also have donuts, sandwiches, southern food, pizza, Asian food, and more. There were somethings that I couldn’t try due to my allergies but don’t worry there is something for everyone and i heard that everything here is finger licking good.The list:El Joint BurgerSeñor BigotesBásico SoperíaDóSeñor PaletaBayard Pomme FritesCafé ReginaCanecaBaoricuaDoroteaHen HouseKPopPankaPernilería Los PróceresWok It: Custom Rice and Noodles

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