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Luna Coffee

Type: cafe Address: Americo Miranda Ave. #352, 00927 Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Price: $0-10 Parking: limited Food: its offers are homemade pastries, desserts, frappuccino’s, coffee, and frappes. In short its like a Puerto Rican Starbucks but the money stays here and helps the economy. Service: good and nice, its a quite little place thats homey. If your not interested in that you can go to the barber shop of the same owner and get a hair cut. Comment: 12oz. and 16oz. are slightly smaller than the regular size frappuccino at Starbucks. Help shop like these thrive by going here, its not that I don’t like american owned stores but Puerto Rico has a serious economic problems do to the fact that the money is going elsewhere and not staying or being invested here.

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