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Macaroni and Grill

Type: “Italian” Americanized Italian

Address: any ware

kids: if their ignorant picky eaters; you feed on lies saying that this restaurant is authentically Italian, blasphemies!

Price: ridiculously expensive for the lack of quality food it gives

Parking: usually yes even valet parking

Service: at least they are nice and might take a while to serve you if the restaurant is full. they are so innocent they’ll believe its your birthday and give you a free desert, even though your obviously lying. waiting more than 30 min for a table is considered pathetic under my standards i wouldn’t wait not even 1min to go here

Food: i particularly dislike there pasta or may i say sauce soup, because they drown the pasta in the sauce; they also use too much heavy cream in there Alfredo and rossi sauce (pink/ rose color); they are not concerned to check it the fish and sensitive to health kinds of food are OK; and have very heavy desserts, such is this fact that they can be considered a meal in it self.

Comment: do you really want to “explore Puerto Rico” by going to a restaurant that you have back home? if you think it is one of those “maybe its like McDonald that it tastes different in each country”; your wrong not missing anything so go have a little of what you lack of (originality) and go someplace else.

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