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Margaritas MexicanAddress: Ave. Roosevelt #1013, San Juan, PR Tel. (787)792-0283Parking: limited valet parkingPrice: $20-30 per personKids: yesService: They have fast service and help you out when you dont know what to eat. Get here early or make reservations because it gets full fast. They have weekly specials and happy hour. It is a festive enviroment with mariachi music and soccer games. The mariachi sing the songs by petition or if there are no petitions they sing on there own.They also have a fast food service called Burritos where you can get most of the things that Margarita has. both do take out to go.Food: Me and My boyfriend ate fajitas. There are two versions of the fajitas the hot skillet were you order one meat or seafood and they bring you all the sides or the “fabrica” where you choose 2 meats or seafood and 3 sides. They bring you a plate that has dividers and you  build your own fajita. Pick different sides and meats so you can share and have variety. Also try the margaritas and frappes. Try the spicy red  and the green pepper mild sauce, they are excellent. The ceviche is fresh and light; the meat is juicy and tender; everything well seasoned.

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