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McCormick Creek State Park

Canyon and Creek

How to get here

If your in Indianapolis or Bloomington the best way to get here is by car. There are free parking days available!

Trail 5

What to bring

  1. There is a restaurant but there are spaces for picnics, so it’s a good idea to bring your food. Don’t leave any trash behind!

  2. backpack

  3. camera

  4. hat or cap

  5. hiking boots

  6. sunglasses

  7. long sleeve shirt and long pants


What to do

There a lot of things for the whole family!

  1. hiking: each trail varies in difficulty and distance

  2. kayak and canoe

  3. pool

  4. horseback

  5. playgrounds

  6. tennis court

  7. fishing

  8. visit the waterfalls, canyon, and cave

  9. camping, RVing

  10. museums (Nature center)

The group and I walk Trail 5, which is moderate because it’s pretty flat. Also m its the one closest to the wolf cave. And, no there are no wolves in the cave, it’s just a limestone cave with a passageway inside. If your afraid of the dark or claustrophobic, this is not for you.

Here is more information about the trails:

Trail 1Moderate0.5 milesTrail 2Moderate1.0 milesTrail 3Rugged0.8 milesTrail 4Moderate1.4 milesTrail 5Moderate2.0 milesTrail 6Easy0.6 milesTrail 7Moderate1.8 milesTrail 8Easy/Accessible0.7 milesTrail 9Easy1.2 milesTrail 10Rugged0.7 miles

If you are going to visit the creek check the river flow before entering. The group and I were able to enter because it was very low. We could even walk in front of the waterfall.

Wolf Cave

There are aslo alot of events in the park like arts and crafts, paiting, feeding bugs and turtles, bird watching, night hikes, owl watching and survival seminars.

I had a great time and would love to return to walk the other trails and go to the lookout tower to enjoy the view.

Enjoy the Pictures!
















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