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Melao Bistro criollo – internationaladdress: viejo san juan near Departamento de Haciendaparking: very limitedprice: $30 per personservice: they are very nice and fast servers. the place is small on the inside and the rest of the restaurant is outside. come early for parking and a table it gets full fast. The whole set of restaurants there have an infestation of flies especially during the day, but its manageable. The place inside has air conditioner and since its near the ocean it has a nice breeze. It a cool place to hang out and relax. very I tried the churrasco and malposteao. It was really good, perfectly cooked and seasoned. its good portion of food and can also be served with fried plantains. The photos below are some i found on the internet of other things you can try. for example you can try the tapas, cod fritters and fish cracklings, tamarind salmon, stuffed breast druxell (chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms duxell with a creamy mushroom sauce on it). Also, El Trio (Grilled skirt steak, chicken and shrimp combination with house chimichurri dressing).

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