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Melao Dorado Beach


Type: Caribbean International Fusion

Price: $60-100 per person

kids: your grown up kids

parking: yes there is parking available near the golf carts



First for appetizers I ordered tacos that was made of malanga and had beetroot, caramelized onions, and a lime and cilantro foam. They were awesome and the most sold plate of the day.

For main course we ordered salmon with white bean and fried rice and chicken. The salmon had a nice salty crust with lavender and honey mustard. The chicken and fried rice had a nice smoky flavor.

For dessert we ordered the sorbet of 3 flavors: lemon, guava and coconut. Super fresh, light and delicious.


They make sure that you are treated like royalty. They are super trained and prepared for vegans, vegetarian and gluten free eaters. The waiter that attended our table was super nice and even gave us free champagne.


The place is modern with incredible windows to look out the beautiful landscape. The place is small, so I Recommend making reservations for coming early.

They have live music, dance and special menus during the week and if you leave your info with the waiters you’ll receive notifications.


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