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Mesa 364 by chef Piñero

type: criollo/internationaladdress:parking: very limited, they have valet parkingPrice: depends on the activity and the # of yesService: its not your typical restaurant, its a place that you reserve for special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, Christmas parties, etc. the waiters are excellent and have a super attention to detail. The chef, Piñero, he is super friendly, goes talks to everyone, does the cooking, takes pictures, and makes your activity feel like your at his house having a great time. They are very considerate with people with food allergies, just make sure you say it in advance, since it is a catering business.Food: Holy Mother of God! The food is divine and exquisite! I really wanted to lick the plate but i had to mind my manners, I was at the Christmas party of the law firm I work for. They do every plate with local products and with a twist to traditional foods. As you can see in the pictures, the chef did have some food items that scream “Christmas” but put in a new way, like the cream of pasteles/ pasteles soup, the majarete which usually doesn’t have turron nor chocolate and the pigeon pea sauce which tasted like pigeon pea soup, a very traditional puertorrican dish.  They also served finger food like empanadillas, alcapurrias, buñuelos (looks like a hush puppies/doughnut hole), yautia chips with salmon, and ceviche.comment: make reservations, the place has a capacity of 50 people. I recommend that you have a large van so you don’t cram the place with cars.

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