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Metropol Type: Cuban Location: Ave Isla Verde Anexo Club Gallístico Isla Verde, PR also there is one near fine arts, in Dorado, and other places near you Kids: yes Parking: usually yes Service: there are 2 versions to this story there is the one were you can get the full nine yard Cuban experience with the smell of Latin food on your clothes or the gourmet modern feels were the waiters explain every detail of the food it seems like they are cooking it themselves. any of the 2 are super caring and like if you were in your own house kind of feel. Food: the classical take of the restaurant be prepared for greasy spoon screw the diet kind of food or the new version is a more refined gourmet feel without compensating on the classical Cuban style. try the stuffed chicken, pudding, and it would be a crime to not eat black beans at some point in the meal. comment: its a family place were you can hang out and chill, in the modern versions there is a bar area were you can have fun and listen to music. if going to the eating area make reservations because it tend to get really full.

Hurray a post after months of total abandonment because my classes are making me crazy with projects and things to do. good news is I passed the LSAT with a good grade I just have the GMAT to take and I’m set for masters and JD. so be patient readers if you see that i haven’t written in a while, I’m super busy trying to become a CPA and future Environmental Lawyer!

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