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Moonbar Venezuelan/ sea foodAddress: Ave. Magdalena 1104 Esq Ashford, Condado, 00907 San Juan, Puerto Ricoparking: valet parking and La Concha valet parkingkids: lunch is cool for younger kids but if you’re older the nightlife the time to go hereprice: $30food: the arepas are delicious. i tried the chicken with shrimp and my parents the carne molida and chicken. the one i ordered are the gourmet ones which are bigger than the combo ones, the combo brings two arepas of different fillings. the good thing about chamos and arepas is that they are made out of corn and you can tell the chef to eliminate the cheese so that means gluten and lactose-free (no worries for me!). the arepas and chamos menu is only available at lunch time, during the night is more sea food finger food menu but still delicious (that’s what I’ve been told, because i haven’t gone here during the night, only for lunch)service: they are excellent and nice. very considerate about food allergies. they also invited me to eat here again; the chef told me that when the owner returns from vacation he’s going to invite me to sample the other items in the menu on the house! that is so cool! these are the benefits to befriending and being nice to waiters and chefs. believe me it has worked form me before at other restaurants, they have given me free drinks, desserts and appetizers.comment:  for lunch you’re relax because people go to this place at night (so it’s not rush hour at lunch). the time to hang out here is at night, many friends have told me that this is the place to be at Condado; in fact all the law school activities are done here, so its pretty cool. i hope coming back for some night-time sea food sampler.

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