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Type: Italian/ Argentinian

Location: Ave. Jesús T. Piñero #1163-1165 (cerca de City Mattress)

San Juan, PR

Parking: not that very comfortable

Price: $5-30

Kids: yes it is very family friendly. really if you don’t like pizza and Milanese you don’t know what your missing

Service: they are very good. Even though they are new they do have a very relax family feel. super excellent never fail comfort place

Food: the pizza is homemade, rustic, crunchy, delicious, and very different. these pizzas don’t use salsa just the juices of the ingredients they use. the pizzanessa is Milanese meets pizza and its very well done.

Comment: come early it gets full fast and if you don’t want a parking that’s not all most on the street. you can have birthday’s, watch games, or just hang; this restaurant is versatile. the have a really cool BBQ camera were you can see the action of your food being cooked.

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