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On the Border

Type: the crappiest Americanized food ever aka “Mexican”. i really doubt its worthiness of being called Mexican

Address: Guaynabo

Price: what you normally pay at its copy paste friends like Chilli’s and Macarroni Grill

kids: no!!!! by the love of God and all forces that say you want to go here listen to me NO!

Parking: allot

Service: I always though that it was impossible to get a 0 at a finance test until i saw one and it was one of my friends tests, since then i believe its possible to get negative numbers at a test but the thing is that this is no test this is the most uncaring customer service that has ever lived.

Food: raw veggies, unseasoned meat, weird looking cinnamon Doritos and a guacamole that looks like something the cat coughed up.

Comment: this crappy restaurants highly questionable glory lies in its to good to be true happy hour offers. i mean really are you going to sponsor such a lousy place just because they give you allot of free drinks; this is the equivalent of throwing your priorities down the drain with the worst decision of your life you can make. i don’t get at all why is this place full when there are WAY better places to go hangout and have a good time.

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