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OPEN Restaurants

After hurricane Maria people are trying to find places where to eat and it’s not easy to find out who is open or closed. Here is a list of those reported open on their Facebook pages, listed on other pages like and friends posts.

  1. open restaurants

  2. Bosquecito Familiar: las cumbres & trujillo alto

  3. Restaurants in AVE Esmeralda and near Plaza Guaynabo

  4. panaderia pannera: intersection between emiliano pol and calle santa rosa

  5. all food trucks

  6. hotels:

  7. melia,

  8. convento,

  9. sheraton’s,

  10. hyatts,

  11. vanderbilt

  12. concha

  13. embassy suites

  14. bambu burger all of their locations

  15. martin’s bbq all locations

  16. señor paleta

  17. all chinese restaurants

  18. zafra del caribe

  19. Macaroni grill

  20. Denny’s

  21. Chili’s


GASOLINATotal @ Marginal Martínez NadalTotal @ Miramar (frente a Pueblo)Total @ Americo MirandaFARMACIASFirst Pharmacy @ Hyde Park, Rio PiedrasWalgreens @ Isla VerdeFarmacia Gardenville @ GuaynaboWALGREENS Carr-2 Plaza Victoria AGUADILLAWALGREENS PR-2 & PR 402 – Bo Caracol ANASCOWALGREENS 1000 Ave Ramon Luis Rivera BAYAMONWALGREENS Inter Carr 122 & Ave Baxter SAN GERMANWALGREENS Carr 159 KM 153 Barrio Pueblo COROZALWALGREENS PR-3 KM 42.76 – Comercial Bonsai Plaza FAJARDOWALGREENS 1 Calle Marginal GUAYAMAWALGREENS 25 Ave Ponce de Leon/Corner PR24 GUAYNBO CATANOWALGREENS 379 Ave Los Patriotas LARESWALGREENS 175 Carr PR 385 PENUELASWALGREENS 2706 Ave Maruca PONCEWALGREENS 1800 Calle Navarra PONCEWALGREENS 65 Infantería Shopping Ctr RIO PIEDRASWALGREENS 700 Ave Roberto H Todd SAN JUANWALGREENS 999 Ave Muñoz Rivera SAN JUANWALGREENS 100 Blvd Dr. SANTA ROSA BAYAMONWALGREENS Urb. Plaza Encantada TRUJILLO ALTOWALGREENS Calle Pública & PR-2 VEGA BAJA**COMPARTAN**

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