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P.F Chang’s

Type: Chinese

Address: Plaza las Americas

Price: $20-50, the average that you pay at Chili’s.

Paking: alot

Kids: picky eaters happy place

Service: really great, they know how to recommend and are pretty fast serving your food. pretty patient too when it come to people how have a hard time making decisions on what to eat.

Food: it is very nice, good food; i have to admit i expected it to be super salty but its not. they have spicy food, gluten free food, vegetarian food, kids menu, they have everything for everyone. if you’re new to this menu ask for the top dishes like the pepper steak, orange chicken, the rice, the really cool soy sauce with wasabi and vinegar mix, and the desserts of course.

Comment: come early or make reservations the waiting line can be from 30min if your lucky to 4 hrs. you can also come during the week when its most empty, meaning the 1st floor is almost full.

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