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Papa John’s

Papa John’s

Type: Pizzeria

Address: (787)Señorial 764-4005 Guaynabo 287-2700 Campo Rico 776-1525 Domenech 294-0711Levittown 795-7171San Patricio 775-1111Trujillo Alto 292-4040Caguas 286- 4445Ponce 842-1600Miramar722-8180

Parking: Not much

Kids: yes

Price: 0-30, There are groupon’s available at specially during mid-terms and finals of school/university semesters.

Food: it a different kind of pizza, taste different in a good king of way, the really live up to the “Fresh ingredients” written on the boxes. They dont make you fell inflated/ live you overeaten (enparcinao) and the best part is the garlic sauce for the pizza stick (palicrockets)

Service: pretty fast and good. they are nice people, they also have an iphone app and website where you can order online if youre in the US, dosent work in PR for now

Comment: I’ve only tried delivery, so when i go to the place i’ll update

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