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Type: Mexican

Parking: not much

Price: less than $30

Kids: hell yeah

Service: nice, they don’t get much people here so if they are dozed off don’t be surprised. despite that fact they do give you a nice welcome and are polite.

Food: its like subway but with burritos, fajitas and nachos; meaning you can see what they are doing and see what you want. you can pick a base, meat, and condiments for your burrito or fajita. as an appetizer pick the nachos with there famous and delicious guacamole with pico de gallo. to drink I suggest the Jarritos (Mexican version of fanta, but better) and any dessert except tierrita (it is not that popular so if ordered it may be damaged).

Comment: It is a small space easily ignored because of the other fast food available in the area and the little space you have to turn around and look for the place, the only obvious thing it has outside is a huge pepper, so have a good eye if you want to go here.

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