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Pescaderia Vinny & Malecón of Naguabo

Type: criollo and fresh seafoodAddress: Malecón of NaguaboParking: limitedPrice: $10-20Service: they are very friendly and they treat you like family. They are very fast at serving and have a relax outdoor tables were you can unwind by seeing the beautiful view of the ocean. They also make delivery of any seafood you like to your house and restaurant. They are also excellent at recommending what to eat: if you what something light choose empanadillas, for something more hardy choose mofongo, for lobster dishes they even recommend going to the restaurant next door.Food: The fish the seafood every morning and they make delicious fried empanadillas, mofongo, ceviche, bacalaito, and seafood salads. Everything is fresh, well seasoned, light, and all fried things are crunchy good and not greasy at all, the tostones are made to order. It is super delicious.Malecón: the are is filled with artisans and seafood restaurants. They have a walkway near the ocean that is currently under construction. The artesans have wood jewelry, home made candy, toys for kids, temporary tattoos, and things made out of coconut. The Restaurants hace there private parking but if you can’t park, you can park in the street.

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