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type: criollo and internationalAddress: Guaynabo, in front of a vet, near bellas artes and tinto y blancoparking: limited and badly contructedkids: yesPrice: $20-30 per personfood: the restaurant started out as an exotic foods restaurant where you could try crocodile, ostrich, shark, eal, snake, and many other strange delicacies that taste like chicken that were hard to get, it was a good idea at first but it target a limited market “the adventurus eater” not so many people venture with their food  and they had to change their concept to gourmet criollo. still good food by the way. i went here before and after the change and i liked both versions. now the place is for drinking, hanging out, having finger food or just having a risotto malposteao with tostonesservice: they are very friendly and give excellent advice on what to eat when your a first timer going here.comment: it gets full on the weekends so come early if you want a good parking spot

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