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Location:Calle Arizona,San Juan,United States at cupey near faccio pizza, behind scotiabank

Type: criollo

kids: yes

parking: limited

price: $30-50

service: they are super nice, casual, fast, and considerate to food allergies. they dont have a wine menu but they do have a few bottles that are delicious and at a good price. the place is good for activities, and reservations are not necessary if you go early. even though the place is new they know what they are doing

food: the food is delicious my parents and i tried the chorrizo and chicharrones for appetizer. the were crispy, well cooked and seasoned. for main course we tried the pulled pork, skirt stake and pork chops. i suggest that when you orden you share because they are big portions, specially the skirt stake, its so big. you’ll love everything because its so tender, fresh and it has crispy bits. for dessert we had buñuelos de calabaza ( mini pumpkin balls sprinkled with sugar on top) with dulce de leche as a topping. of course i didn’t eat these with the topping but i enjoyed it allot anyways.

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