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PROMO: Caroli Olive Oil

A certified organic olive oil that comes in various flavors. Created by Stefano Caroli in 1976.

Stefano selects the best olives, as well as the olive trees in “Monte Trazzonara” and “Pezze Mammarelle” and even olives from different farms and estates. website

They specialize in olive oils. You can get them on the website or on amazon:


The flavors available are:

  1. Extra virgin

  2. garlic

  3. lime

They have multiple awards such as:

  1. Best 250 olive oils

  2. Menzione d’Onore

  3. Premio Nazionale in various years

You can also find in the website recipes like eggplant Parmesan, pasta Alfredo, and focaccia bread.

They have events like paint and wine night.

I got these samples because my dad was on a business trip and met Ben D’Antico who is the CEO on Caroli. He sent me these samples I tried them alone and in several dishes.

Extra virgin: a multi-purpose oil and it has a floral flavor just like Italian olive oils. You can try it with:

  1. viande

  2. cooking in general

  3. salads

  4. rice

Garlic: the flavor is not overpowering and it’s great for marinating. I tried it with a marinade for meat that was a mixture of:

  1. worcestershire sauce

  2. garlic flavored olive oil

  3. ms. Dash no salt added italian herb

  4. salt to taste

  5. mix

Lime: it’s great for salads and fishes. It has a sweet tangy taste. I tried making a marinade for fish that was a mixture of:

  1. olive oil with lime flavor

  2. salt to taste

  3. ms. dash garlic and herb

  4. mix

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