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Promo: Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss has new products and flavors that are gluten and lactose free. The new flavors of ice cream, sandwiches and Popsicle are:

  1. Dark chocolate

  2. Chocolate chip

  3. Salted caramel

  4. Cinnamon chocolate

  5. Coconut

  6. Vanilla

Coconut Bliss started off as an experiment in Luna and Larry home and when “Bliss” was discovered they decided that this had to be shared among friends and family. The best organic ingredients are make these wonderfully sweet products of Coconut Bliss true to its name.I have personally tried the coconut covered in chocolate, the salted caramel one and the chocolate chip ice cream. I personally have to say that they are excellent and good for you. When I tried them I felt that I was in heaven.I would like to thank Emily for emailing me. Thank you for this amazing opportunity trying Coconut Bliss’s new products and for the exposure!Emily was visiting PR to promote Coconut Bliss and I gave her some tips on places to visit and where to find the product. Also I helped her discover that they had to update their map on the website.The company is interested in participating in activities, food fest and expos. So if you see them around try them!

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