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PROMO: Crazy Pulpo-Tito’s Vodka Infusion Experience


Type: Seafood

Parking: valet parking available

Price: $30-50

Kids: adults

Location: Next to Waikiki and Subway


Scallops and salad: a light and fresh with arugula that was super crisp

Shrimp: it was accompanied with cabbage and had a bbq sauce that added a smoky flavor

Skirt Steak: nice bite size meat that was perfectly seasoned and it had mushrooms

Fish: a nice tender and fresh with sweet seasoning


Cran-Orange Infusion: a refreshing start to the event, with sweet-tangy notes from the cranberries, soft to the palate and nice citrus after taste.

Peach & Ginger Infusion: this drink was more on the spicy-sweet side but the ginger was not overpowering. This was more of a light drink transition to the other drinks that had stronger more pronounced flavors.

Pineapple Tumeric: a very unique combination of strong flavors that really surprised me of how well they go together

Cucumber Basil Infusion: a nice finish to the evening and also a super cool combination.


A new restaurant located in Condado that offers innovative seafood dishes. Their opening day was with Titos Handmade Vodka. They did an infusion experience where they served 3 drinks to go with the food and a personalized infusion to take home


They were slow and disorganized in the sense that some people were given there drinks all together, the food out of order and some people were not served until they asked. A group of friends left because they were tired of waiting. However, they fixed the issues and they were working really hard. Also, it was their opening day so it was understandable that they would have issues.


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