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Quinta Mojica Spanish/ International/ Criolloaddress: Cll La Madriguera, Aguas Buenas 00703hours: Wednesday-Closed Thursday-Closed Friday 12–8PM Saturday 12–8PM Sunday 12–8PM Monday-Closed Tuesday-Closedparking: plentyservice: the chef and owner of the place is an architect and landscape. in his free time he runs a restaurant. the place is a bit hard to find so I suggest that you GPS. also, make reservations the place gets booked fast. the man is dedicated to his passions to the point that the restaurant was built by himself. they have their home at the back hidden from the restaurant, he also built that himself. he and his wife make you feel at home, they are super considerate to food allergies, and have a really cool wine cellar. they personally tested and created the menu inspired by the various trips they had. the restaurant’s ambiance is very relax, cool, and very interesting. all of the furniture is mismatched because they have bought it from other closing businesses. when we got here the restaurant was closed. we didn’t know about the times they were open but the owner served us anyways. I wish to go back when it’s opened to get the full oh my god! where do I start! everything was beyond excellent and exquisite! we started with a ceviche, made with fresh local fish and garbanzo beans. my parents and my boyfriend had arancini, which i could try because it was breaded and had cheese. then for the main course we had beans in a (pork stock/broth) caldo de patita de cerdo, skirt stake with fresh tostones and mamposteao rice that was divine. for dessert I had fruit and my parents and my boyfriend had flan and creme brulé. I tasted a little and it was heavenly. worth the long trip!

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