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Type: criollo

Parking: there are two multi-level parkings in front of it

Price:$3o ave.

Kids: yes

service: 5 star service that will make you feel at home,they know english and spanish, they are super nice and considerate to food allergies. The place is super pretty, decorated like a wooden countryside home (at least in the past thats how they looked liked). they have 3 raices restaurants one in Old San Juan, one in Hato Rey and the other in Caguas. I have only gone to one of them but the place is really good.

Food: the food is good and very traditional criollo. my parents and i tried the alcapurrias for appetizer, so crispy just how we like them. then we orderd for main dish: chuleta kan kan ( fried pork chop with crispy pork fat), bistec encebollao (steak and onions) and mofongo with churrasco. The meat was well cooked and seasoned, everything well done.

comment: make reservations and come here early. the place is always full. if you dont make reservations youll have to wait, a little, we had luck because we only waited for 5 minutes. since old san juan is a tourist area they can modify any meal to any dietary restriction.

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