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Rao’s by Piccolo e Posto

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Type: Italian Address: 1451 Ave Ashford San Juan, PR 00907

Parking: yes, plenty and ther’s valet parking too.

Price: $30-50

Kids: yes

Service: similar to piccolo e posto, it like those twin brothers that look so alike but are so different. the menu and atmosphere of these places are the same, they have nice waiters and waitresses that know how to recommend, specially when its your first time here.

Food: If, your thinking that’s its the same, well no its not. it has a lighter but richer food and really hardy bolognese, light alfredo sauce and a really cool almond pudding. the gnoochi is so good its little potatoes balls of goodness.

Comment: the restaurant is relatively new so its not that full during 6-8 pm, you might also find waiters of piccolo e posto here, since they were training and advertising Rao’s over in Piccolo. Do not sit directly below the air conditioning excits you will afford yourself a bath if you do.

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