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Red cup (closed) and Bariloche

Type: Bariloche is Argentinian snacks like empanadillas and red cup is for coffee and cupcakes.Address: right in front of each other in the bottom floor of Paseos mallParking: yesKids: yesPrice: less than $10Food: Bariloche is a good midmorning or mid afternoon snack. They are always mysteriously crispy and fresh even though they are pre made and maintained hot with a light bulb. Red cup I love there cupcakes but there a strange thing going on with there so called frappes. Last time I checked frappes are fruit and ice not coffee flavors that’s iced coffee or frapuchinos. smoothies are fruit, Ice and milk. Piraguas are shaved Ice with fruit flavored syrup not with cookies and cream flavor that sounds more like ice cream.Service: fast, good and nice. Give them some talk and company; they spend most of the day standing alone.Comment: other than the weird mismatch of terminology and food red cup has; red cup and Bariloche are a good way to resolve your hectic day when you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses at breakfast.

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