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Reviewing the Bar Review

People: Paola, are you studying for the Bar again?

Me: No, the Bar Review is not studying for the Bar, it’s going to different bars to drink each week!

This is a list of all Bars my friends and I have gone to:

The Cade: good music, arcade games, and really good drinks. One of my favorite places because it has everything I like. Sells Hard cider and gluten free beers.

Backdoor: great for the after-party with the best music ever. They also have drag shows. One of my favorite places to dance!

Nick’s: its frequented by business people going for drinks after work and they sell Omission gluten-free beer. Great place for gatherings and drinking games.

Atlas: it’s a nice place to drink beer outside and also very dog-friendly. They have a lot of local beers and wines. Sells Hard cider and gluten free beers

Kilroy’s (KOK): its mostly visited by undergrads. It has a nice outdoor area and they sell Stella Artois cider which is really good. They have a $10 special on wings and fries on Monday.

Video Saloon: for playing darts and having a nice chat with friends.

Bishop: it’s a nice place to drink beer outside and they sell ciders too.

Bluebird: is a huge place great for having parties like the Halloween party!

Upstairs: it’s a small place where you can play darts. The drinks are the usual beer and hard liquor with juice.

Root Cellar: they have local rock bands, karaoke, and really cool drinks. This place is hidden in the basement of a building, not easy to locate.

Brothers: its mostly visited by undergrads and dancing. Drinks are ok but nothing special.

Jungle: it’s like the movie Inception in the form of a bar. Great for undergrads but I did not like it because it’s way too packed.

The only thing that I don’t like about these bars is that they think Corona is gluten-free. It’s Not!


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