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Road Trip: Ski Trip


You can get here by car, bus or airplane. By bus or car is about 5 hours from Bloomington and by airplane is about the same time in between getting to the Indianapolis airport and taking the plane. The difference is that by bus and car is super affordable.

What to bring

waterproof pants and jacket

wool sweater and ski mask

winter boots

winter hat, gloves, socks

lip balm

sun screen

wool base layers

sunglasses/ ski goggles

id, wallet and cash

What to do

take a lesson

know your limits, if its your first time stay in the bunny slopes

try skiing and snowboarding

Ski resort

You can rent skies, snowboards and helmets for $30 each.

When renting, mark your shoe size one size smaller or a whole number. For instance I’m a 6 1/2 in regular shoes but a 7 in tennis so I marked 7 for the boots. The feeling must be snug, not loose nor cutting circulation.

The resort has two restaurants, a cafeteria and one that has waiters. The one that has waiters is slower than the cafeteria.

When doing this sport don’t be afraid to fall, its even encouraged and celebrated. Also, its a signal that your getting better at it. Trust me I fell tons of times and by the end of the day I felt like I had control of the basic ski skills.


Pizza shape is the way to stop or go slow! To get a pizza shape you have to squat shoulder with the part leaning forward and ski poles pointing back and down.

To change directions gently put your weight to one side.

Make sure that there is space in front or behind you to avoid a chain crash and to dodge people that are slow or have fallen.

Ski lifts don’t stop and you have to get on and off quickly. If you don’t feel confortable dominating your equipment, the lift might be a challenge.


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