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Rodaballo Restaurant Website type: internationalAddress: Av. De Diego 400, Puerto Nuevo, San Juan, P.R.parking: limited, valet parking availableprice: $30 personkids: yesservice: they are super considerate to food allergies, they treat you like family, and are great at recommending food if its your first time. They will even suggest ordering various plates to share to try their best selling items.The chef takes his time to say hello to every table and tell them all about the fresh sea food. the place was once a cafeteria and from outside it still looks like it, but don’t judge a book by its cover; inside is totally remodeled and new. I suggest that you make reservations after 7-8pm because it gets crowded and a bit slower of course. To avoid the dinner rush come at we tried some yuca balls that were sweet and savory with a sauce that was kind of fruity. They are a nice light appetizer that despite being fried it wont make you feel guilty for breaking the diet. They are really delightful. Next we tried the octopus; perfectly done and super fresh; also super light. Then we tried the pork with crunchy cuerito; super juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned. the pork came with some rice with pigeon peas, super fresh peas and the rice had its crispy delicious parts that we call “pegao”. lastly we tried the fried fish, a super fresh whole fish that is lightly seasoned and had lime. for dessert we ordered the lime flan, some pie with ice cream and papaya candy for me. Other plates that you should try are the rodaballo, pigeon pea risotto , rice with cod , rice with squid , paella, steak, octopus salad, mofongo stuffed crabs gazpacho, grilled seafood, gazpacho crabs, salmon stuffed piquillo peppers , chayote salad , garlic shrimp or squid, Three coconut milk and chocolate cake.

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