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Sal awards 2013

Sal awards 2013This is truly shameful that we chose chain restaurants instead of real local restaurants. We should support the local economy it is the only way we are going to get out of this crisis. If we keep choosing Macaroni grill as the best Italian restaurant we are going nowhere but downhill. Macaroni is not even real Italian food it’s just an upscale fast food restaurant where they create the “food” by boiling it in pouches and following instructions, that’s not even cooking. A real Italian restaurant is Pinoli, Gnocchi, Tutti Italia, and locally owned pizzerias. I do give you credit for choosing Faccio as the best pizzeria.The same thing goes for the best Chinese: pf changs! Please it’s like Macaroni grill but Chinese, East just be 1st place here it is way better than pf changs and panda express together.On the border is just for happy hour! and just in case if you’re asking yourself why is your food sometimes served cold, it’s because its comes premade frozen and they put in the oven and serve it and since they are in a rush they serve it cold. And don’t tell me it’s Mexican just because its chips with guacamole are good please…We as puertorricans should question why we chose Starbucks as the best coffee place, I expected better form this since we run on coffee. This is just pure sugar for me not my daily dose of caffeine.Desserts: cheesecake factory! What about the hundreds of local cupcake places in the island that makes heavenly desserts? This is a hard one to change since cheesecake factory is good but not local, think about it.Wine cellar and cocktails: Macaroni and Chilis, have you gone to Marmalade or to Meat Market or Tinto y Blanco? Way betterRibs: I’m just not going there; you should just throw that section to the trash except vaca brava to restore some integrity hereMacaroni is not even romantic; I prefer bottles for business, and vaca brava or la vencidad del chavo for fun.I’m ok with the rest of the choices made, but my message to you is that we should not be intimidated by the fancy atmosphere some restaurants have, some can still be pretty casual and not every fancy restaurant is expensive. We have to stop being so picky and expand our culinary horizons. I know sometimes it’s hard between the limited money and how picky you are or your kids are.My parents taught me from a young age to go any type of restaurant and they always took everywhere me with them.The purpose of creating this blog IS to help you expand your horizons, to have good quality family time, eating together, talk, socialize, make new friends, support the local economy, get to know every employee form the waiter to the chef, get to know the island from San Juan to Ponce to Mayaguez to Fajardo

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