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Seven Seas, Playa Escondida y Colora

Seven Seas, Playa Escondida and Colora are three beaches found at Fajardo. The three are very similar, they are very shallow and crystalline water with very few or no waves and current. To enter Seven Seas their will be an entrance that will say Balnerario Seven Seas, there is plenty of parking. Seven Seas is the most concurred of the beaches with people having parties, barbeque, camping, swimming, water sports,etc. If you want something more tranquil and private got to the other two. to get to the other two beaches, walk towards the very end of the beach, there will be a dirt walkway with a sign to Escondida and Colora. Follow the path, there will be other people in the path so ask them if they know how to get there and follow them or if your alone use a gps because there are very few signs to help you out. to my surprise Seven Seas was not the dirtiest of the beaches, it was Escondida and Colora, so really if your going here bring a trash bag and keep our beaches clean! Also when going here bring good tennis shoes, sun block, beach towels, snacks, water, backpack, hat and water. When we got here the weather was great, it was later in the day that it rained and the walkway to Escondida and Colora turns into a little river, which is not dangerous by the way, you’ll just get very dirty from the mud. The water sports available are jet packs, kayaks, floats, etc. the place has gazebos, showers and lockers but that comes at an extra price. there are free bathrooms and lockers but they are not as safe and clean as the paid ones. the parking is just $5 for the whole day. the only beach the provides security of life guards and security guards is seaven seas, the other two are more secluded and private. The beaches are great for a walking adventure and to relax. the beach is open from 9 to 5 but i suggest you avoid the mid day sun. there are amazing views in all three beaches of the surrounding areas. since the beaches have coral and algae there will be algae in the sand and when you snorkel please don’t touch the coral.there is a famous cafeteria called House of Pastelillos that is in the beach, they have told me that the pastelillos are the best but i cant try them because of obvious reasons. you should go here and try them.

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