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Shanna’s Pub

Shannan’s PubType: “Irish” really just pub foodPrice: affordableParking: yes, come early for football games, San Patrick day, or any celebrationLocation: 98 Acuarela Street Guaynabo, PR 00969Kids: only at lunch if under 18, if over 18 and you like hanging out here for games and parties you can go during the night. There was an incident of a gun fight here that people have been avoiding the place during the night but if you insist going during the night be safe.Food: 2 words curly fries are the only thing that make me go here and the burgers cant forget the super jumbo share it burgers. they do have healthy options like turning their subs to wraps and a veggie burger.Service: slow even when its empty its slow but they are very nice and speack English and Spanish because it is an area where there is alot of business lunches.Comment: i know i told you guys i dont go to pubs but when its the closets place to go to when your at your dads office and they have healthy options i can make an exception but dont expect me to go here and hang out during the night not after the gun incident

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