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Siam House


Type: Thai

Price: Lunch $10 and Dinner $10-20 per person

Parking: none, there’s only street parking



The servings are large and they have a lot of variety. They have noodles, curries, salads, soups, fried rice, and classic Asian dishes.

They have a lot of variety of food for everyone and its easy to find something vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan.

I tried the yellow curry: made of coconut milk, vegetables and chicken with steamed rice. It was really delicious and flavorful. My friends tried the red and green curry, which are a little bit spicier. My dad and another friend tried the noodles, they were really good.

During lunch, you can choose between ordering from the menu or buffet. The good thing about the buffet is that it’s $10. They usually have the best-sellers like orange chicken, fried rice and stir-fries.


During lunch, they have pretty good service. They are always there to make sure that you’re enjoying your visit.

During dinner and rush, our is obviously different. When we went there it was parents weekend in Bloomington and this place is very popular, therefore very full. I noticed that they didn’t come to your table unless called but they did a great job.

Come here early or make a reservation, it is always full.

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