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Special Ed: Beach Street Grill diner foodaddress: fisherman’s wharf. 380 Beach street San Francisco ca 94133price: $30 aveparking: there are toll parking and parking lots. i recommend toll parking they are yesservice: they are very fast since its always full. most of them speak Spanish. they try to be nice but I suggest you read the menu outside and come in with when you decide what to order. they automatically serve you coffee when seated, you have to tell them you don’t want it so they can take it away. you have to seat yourself. I sincerely don’t understand why they rush you so much to order since you will have to wait some considerable time (10-20 min) for your they do have a gluten free menu but its not lactose free, so i couldn’t order anything on that menu. I ordered the huge size omelette. the food was great but i suggest you order orange juice if you cant drink milk since they only have regular milk. they also have a fruit bowl if you want something light.comment: I recommend having a better service, kinder waiters faster food plaiting. the food was good but not outstanding. I sincerely think they place fills up because it once of the few places open at 8-9 am at fisherman’s wharf and that fisherman’s wharf by default is always filled with tourists.Note: for me to review a restaurant poorly is a serious matter. i don’t do it to harm them, i do it so they can better their service and/or food. I don’t usually review restaurants poorly, because i had luck and done some research of the restaurant before going to eat there. I do my research so I know what to expect and what things to try. I always write sincerely, telling the truth to my readers, if the food and/or service is bad i will tell you. If its a thing that the restaurant has its bad days and some good, I will tell you. you will see some puertorrican and american restaurants reviewed poorly in my blog because I want to tell the truth.

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