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Special ed: Brix

Type: InternationalAddress: napa valley next to mustardParking: a lotPrice: $30-50Kids: yesFood: the food was great I tried the skirt steak with fries. The meat was tender with a great wood fire taste ( yes they have a wood fire which is awesome). The desserts blew my mind specially the insanely awesome sorbets of lavander, peach, basil, and Cabernet. The flavor burst in your mouth, it’s so refreshing, perfect for the warm Napa weather.Service: the service is beyond 5 stars. I had no problems with my food allergies since they were so considerate with them. The fact that the sorbets are originally a companion to the desserts in the menu andgave me the option to eat them a separate item meant a lot to me. I did try a bit of the strawberry panna cotta and was great; but I my dessert was grilled peaches with peach and lavander sorbet which I loved.Comment: I also met the chef. When I told the very nice waiter about my blog he immediately told the chef and he came to meet me and talk about how wonderful the food was, about my blog, and how interesting to was to have a food blog with an author with food allergies. He is so nice and I wish him the best and success because he deserve it after those sorbets which loved so much. His card is below.





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