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Special Ed: Cafe tutti

20140719-160416-57856254.jpg!JnpeOxQTv0nCc/Type: Italian, diner foodaddress: Sausalito, follow the street signs and the people in bikes. ( i’m not kidding it works)parking: yes, there’s a paid parking spot right next to itprice: $30 avekids: yesservice: excellent, very nice and considerate with my allergies. they are bilingual, completely fluent in Spanish and English. fast service and they know good recommendations of what to do and see when in Sausalito. Top contender with Cafe Mason with the coffee, they have it just the way i like it. (cappuccino with soy/almond milk and brown sugar)food: huge omelettes that you can choose what to put in or choose one that has the ingredients already chosen for you. They also have gelato, pastries, pizza, pasta, fruits, snacks, and daily specials.  The omelette comes with bread and fruit, surprisingly it was the only place where i could eat gluten free bread. It was the second place I could eat a gluten free item, the first I mentioned was Zingari with its gluten free pasta. I obviously ate the bread with jam as substitute for the butter.comment: i googled “cafe tutti sausalito gluten free”and found this which was intresting. it says the owner of cafe tutti is on the gluten free diet, which makes it awesome because it means more flexibility when ordering something! breakfast at Sausalito is cheaper than in San Francisco, which is a good thing you can go here to eat, shop, walk  the meal off and be on your merry site seeing day.

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